The name of the company comes from the first two letters of Gregory Pappas’ parents’ names— Ioanna and Takis, both of whom in their own way were responsible for instilling in him timeless stories from their own personal experiences as immigrants from Greece.

As a result of the foundation they gave him, Iota Films was created to share film projects consistent with this vision— timeless stories that teach and encourage viewers to ask questions about themselves and the society in which they live— but perhaps most importantly, to leave the cinema wanting to search deep within their own hearts and minds for answers.

Gregory Pappas has been telling stories all his life and transcribing them via various media for a broad audience of people.

For more than a quarter of a century, he published a print magazine called Greek America Magazine, which reached hundreds of thousands of people and carried news stories, special features and interviews with an array of unique individuals. At its peak in the early 2000s, it was the most widely circulated periodical in North America for its target audience of readers interested in the Greek-related content. More than 80% of the content— thousands of articles and stories— were written by him.

With the evolution of digital platforms as the “new medium” and with the rising cost of paper and printing, he too, evolved— to the digital platform, first, blogging and writing stories via The Huffington Post, then launching his own website called The Pappas Post, which today reaches more than 500,000 readers every month. More than just a news site, he includes his personal blog and researches and writes timeless stories from his own personal experiences, as well as numerous other topics important to his wide audience of readers globally.

For him, sharing these stories was a priceless experience and one that led to further introspection, reflection— and evolution.

The next step in his evolution involves film and the birth of Iota Films, a company born out of his desire to offer people a more complete and provocative experience— one involving much more than words can provide on a simple website, or on a sheet of paper.